To deal with all aspects of commercial, budgeting, organization and administration of contracts, the Consortium has set up a central office (in Bologna – Italy) consists of a small core of people and tools to perfectly synchronize the activities of the consortium members in their area. Every consortium company is in first a supplier of the service sold by the Consortium and it is so the principal responsible for its correct development and execution in in compliance with safety and regulations in force.


Con.For.T., along its associates, always puts, above all, the quality of benefits and services as well as sensitivity to the environmental and energy issues: everything leads us in performing our daily activities.
Optimizing energy processes, improve air quality in urban environments, reduce pollutants, save time and money: Con.For.T. is the ideal partner to solve the needs of the company and a real partner with whom to share projects, objectives and results in the management of services. The quality of the performance is guaranteed by the professionalism of all our technicians of the consortium members: our technicians are not contributors or employees but members, each of them leading business development.

Each member that joins the Con.For.T. must have the basic prerequisites:

technical skills in the fields covered by Con.For.T., adequate organizational and technical structure to the territory of expertise, knowledge of the main needs of tertiary or public customers, flexible organization and willingness to work more shifts, even at night and holidays.

The associated companies are subject to careful review by the staff of Con.For.T. because they are respected and maintained over time the minimum requirements. The technicians of each member are constantly trained and updated both internally and at the manufacturers thereby ensuring a specific knowledge of products, components and systems always up for any problems or technical maintenance